Monday, August 17, 2009

Immortal Hindi Songs ( India )

Bachpan ki mahabbat.....( childhood love )

This song is from Hindi gem of a film "Baiju Bawra".
The film stars Meena Kumari ( also known as Tragedy actress ) in heroine's role. Every song in this film of B&W era is a gem.

Just look at the beautiful words used in this song and you can imagine how civilized those people were in that era. Compare that with today's vulgarity in the mindless use of words in film songs. Rubbish !

Here below is the song :

bachapan ki mohabbat ko dil se na juda karna
Even though we are separating, please do not forget our childhood friendship/love

jab yaad meri aaye, milne ki dua karna
When you think about me, pray that we meet soon

ghar meri ummidon ka suunna kiya jaate ho
You are leaving me alone and lonely in my house of hope

duniya hi mohabbat ki luute liye jaate ho
As you leave you are taking away the hope of love we shared

jo gam diye jaate ho us gam ki duaa karna
The sorrow you are giving me, pray for that sorrow

saavan mein papihaa ka sangeet sunaauungi
When it rains and birds are signing, I will remember you

fariyaad tujhe apni gaa gaa kar suunnauungi
I will sing my complaints of separation from you

awaz meri sun ke dil thaam liyaa karna
When you hear me singing, hope you feel the stirring in your heart...

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