Thursday, August 20, 2009

Main To Kab Se Khadee Is Paar....

Film: Madhumati
Starring : Dilip Kumar & Vyjayantimala

The film is one of the all time greats of Bollywood movies. Plot of the film goes to prove again that "true love never dies ".

Here is the lyrics of the song...
main to kab se khadee is paar
I have been standing here for so long

ye aakhiyaan thak gayee panth nihaar
These eyes are tired of watching for you on the road

aajaa re, paradesee
O please, come home my beloved

main diye kee ayesee baatee
I am like a wick of a lamp

jal naa sakee jo, buz bhee naa paatee
that can't burn or extinguish itself

aa mil mere jeewan saathee
my life long partner, please come and meet up with me

tum sang janam janam ke fere
You and I are together for eternity

bhool gaye kyo saajan meere
My love, why have you forgotten that

tadapat hoo main saanj sawere
Day and night I pine for you

mai nadiyaan fir bhee main pyaasee
I am like a river that is thirsty

bhed ye gaharaa, baat jaraa see
It is a deep secret but it really is easily solved

been tere har raat udaasee
Without you every night is sorrowful...


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