Monday, August 17, 2009

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About this site:
A newly launched site. As you can see, the site is going to exclusively deal with music,love, culture, singers, writers, movies. These are subjects on which there never was nor never will be lack of audience ( viewers ) anywhere, anytime in the world. Since only the best and famous of these subjects will be discussed and presented in this site, with rich contents and simple unique way of presentation, you can expect flow of enormous amount of web traffic in the coming days. Moreover, the site will be widely publicized on free forums, community web sites, free classified sites and thousands of e-mail campaigns. Contents will be constantly updated from now on.

The offer:
First-come-first-served basis. We don't want to damage the look of our webpages with lots of ads. So a limited space has been reserved for display of ads. So, you will get prominent publicity on this site.

Terms & Conditions:
You don't have to worry much about costs as you normally do with PPC, AdWords etc. It is not a cost-per-click ad program. No worry about real or unreal clicks ! For display of your ads here, on monthly or yearly basis, you can offer a fixed price as low as you like. If accepted. you will be required to deposit the amount through PayPal or direct bank deposit and then you may provide us your ad code. Your ad will start running from next day. Only banner and text ads allowed. Size of ad must be as per blank space reserved for ads on homepage (top, below or side bar ).

If interested please place your bid with details to e-mail address below:

Looking forward to working with you.



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