Sunday, August 16, 2009


Your heart is pure. Because you love music. This is why you have landed at this website in search of good, decent, meaningful music and songs.

Here you will find listings, reviews, recommendations, discussions about selected great songs and singers of all time from around the world .

Biographies and pictures of great singers, composers, lyricists will also be found here.

There will never be good music or song if there was no love or romance on earth. Love does not only mean attraction between a man and woman. It also mean love for God, the Creator. A mother's love for her child and so on.

Short articles, great quotations, proverbs and sayings on the subject of music, love and romance will, therefore, find place on this site. Because without them all this effort will be incomplete.

Kindly visit this place often. You will get peace in your mind. I will work hard to ensure that.

I welcome any suggestions and help from you for further improvement of this unique site.

Much Gratitude !
Much Appreciation !

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